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Hair Conditioning

The hair turns out to be submitted to aggressions than can provoke roughness and dryness as they are:
Use of inadequate shampoos.Alkaline products(dyes, bleaching)
Chlorine of swimming pool, wind, sun and sea water.
Excessive use of irons, backcombing and curling irons.
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In all these cases we recommend the Hair Conditioning Process.
What is hair conditioning?
Hair conditioning is the application of a cosmetics conditioner with or without  the use of devices to facilitate or promote its effects. Cosmetic conditioner is used and its functions are:
  • To compensate the natural deficit sebum. 
  • To join the scales of the cuticle of the hair facilitating the untangled and its protection.
  • To provide elasticity and shine.
  • To reduce the electrostatic charge.
  • To facilitate the hairstyle.
  • To leave the hair more manageable.
What do they need?
  • Specific conditioner.
  • Towels.
  • Detangler comb.  
How do we do it?
It is performed on wet hair clean and dry with a towel.
We take the cosmetics with the hands and we extend to tips. Never on scalp. 
We can help ourselves with a comb of wide spikes to distribute in a uniform way and we untangle.
Exposure time recommended by the manufacturer.
We rinse (if it proceeds).You should rinse with plenty of warm water. We eliminate the water excess and dry with a towel.
How do we promote its effects? 
Without equipment
As soon as the conditioner is put, we wet a thin towel in hot water. We place it on the scalp with hair pulled with pliers, taking care not to cause discomfort to excessive heat.  We wait until the towel cools. Repeat a total of three times.
  • Occlusion 
Prevents the evaporation of water and the temperature increases, facilitating the penetration of substances. It is carried out with osmotic film or with plastic cap and later with a towel, if you don´t use generating devices of heat or of steam.
  • Steam application
The steam expands the hair follicles, improving cellular metabolism, facilitates the penetration of substances and promotes hydration of the scalp and hair.
We will never promote the conditioning in cases of:
-Capillary Seborrohea
-Scalp Dermatoses 
-Hair infections
-Circulatory disorders

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